Oberon is a 3rd generation computer language, evolutionary development from Modula 2, originating in the pedagogic disciplines of Niklaus Wirth.

Also, Lord of Faery and Titania. "Oberon is a representative of Eastern, or rather exotic mythology in this Play. He is a nature deity. Note that his argument with Titania causes disruptions in weather patterns in Act II scene 1 of the play.
The name Oberon is said to derive from the French "Auberon", a character from an old French romance, Huon of Bordeaux (trans. Ld. Berners). The story was dramatized in 1593. "Auberon" in turn derives from "Alberick, or "Elberick" - both Teutonic names. The Auberon in Huon of Bordeaux is a dwarf with an angelic face, who is the son of Julius Caesar and the grandmother of Alexander the Great. He lives in the far East. Shakespeare's Oberon is also associated with the East, particularly India: In Act II scene 1 we are told by Titania that he has "Come from the furthest steep of India". The changeling boy over whom he and Titania argue is also Indian. See Act II scene 1."*

Oberon and Titania are in fact also both moons of Uranus, first post-classical planet to be identified by astronomers.

Of course Oberon appears here too.


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