What was new?

September 2015-2016 - TCO :)  - and, eventually, home page/ links fixed - more or less... Also, The Caucasus Trip and Letters from the War added to JPW. All JPW documents reviewed and updated (typos fixed - those spotted, anyway).

June 2012 - contemporary biographical info expunged - that's the way of the world...-

June 2006 - general biographical updates (no-one is getting any younger...)

February 2003 - the Christmas Cards by JPW from 1949 - two rather hefty indices...

December 2002 - Order of Service for JPW; and 'last picture' of him.

October 2002 - previous 'metaexplanation' on home page relegated (waiting for inspiration...). Heros updated (Dougal promoted...).

August 2002 - general updates and tidyingUranus satellites table modernised. Much updated that was subsequently jettisoned.

February 2002 - JPW's 'Return to Tunisia', retracing the route of 1KRRC, Medinine to Gromballia.

October 2001 - JPW's 80th birthday party: picture and his speech.

Lots of miscellaneous housekeeping - tidying structure, file names, background colours, reducing the size of some picture files (Marlowe and Timur in Tent in particular), updating Select14 to Select15 etc.

March 2001 - JPW's South African narrative.

August 2000 - frameset for front-page, rough t-o-c for the uninitiated (but see meta-explanation at ground zero...)....

March 2000 - everything! OK - so it's actually June already - sue me*.





* just joking.